Become Calm and Confident In Just 20 Minutes…

No Experience Required!

Free guided meditation specially designed to help you reduce stress, increase confidence, and experience a sense of calm peace on a daily basis.

Where should I send your free meditation?

This isn’t just a meditation. It incorporates NLP and hypnotic suggestions for all-day relief.

Free guided meditation

The Benefits You’ll Experience:

You’ll reach a relaxed state where stress and anxiety will melt away, and I’ll provide suggestions to boost your confidence and sense of calm.

Presented by

Corey Benschop

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

I’ve been an avid meditator and have facilitated guided meditation sessions for years. Having now received certifications in hypnotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy, I’ve discovered how to weave in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and hypnotic suggestions into my meditations which make them so much more effective and long-lasting.

Where should I send your free meditation?