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Stop Sabotaging Your Success

Discover how you can reach new levels of success, health, and fulfillment, and break free from the grips of self-sabotage or imposter syndrome forever!

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Reach Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Best

Imagine getting up every single morning feeling energized and excited about the day ahead of you. Feeling that state of flow when everything seems like it’s going exactly as planned.

Why doesn’t this feeling last longer than a day or two?

Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to create powerful, positive change in your life without having to constantly rely on willpower. If you want to learn how to be productive again and reach your goals effortlessly, watch the free case study below.

The Power of Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs


Gain motivation without relying on willpower.


Do work that matters with clarity and ease.


Develop positive success habits effortlessly.

What is Hypnosis?

Movies and television have done a good job of making a mockery of what hypnosis truly is and what’s capable with it. Nowadays, many people think it’s just for tricks or stage performances. Some think it’s mind control.

That really couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Simply put, hypnosis is a state of mind that allows you to literally reprogram your brain to become a success habit machine. If you want to learn how it works, watch the free case study I’ve put together for you.

Corey Benschop Hypnosis Myth
Corey Benschop Hypnosis

Feeling stuck?

You know the frustration caused by self-sabotage. You have goals, you have a clear plan of action, but for some reason you just can’t seem to do the work that matters.

Does it feel like you’re spinning your wheels with busy-work that isn’t actually productive? Maybe you just feel unmotivated and like your brain is pulling you to do anything besides what you know you should be doing.

Hi, I’m Corey Benschop, CCHt. I’ve been there. I’ve beat that.

I use hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, and subliminal programming to help high achievers like you end this cycle of self-sabotage and reach new levels of success, health, and fulfillment.

Your brain is a powerful mechanism, let’s make it work for YOU. Watch the free case study I’ve put together to learn how hypnosis can help you reach your goals.